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July 24, 2009

Where else to find me

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I’m not here, usually, but you can find me here or here.


February 9, 2009

Where to find me

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I regularly blog at http://www.xanga.com/wellroundedtype2.

Don’t ask me why. I paid for a premium subscription there to avoid ads, and generally, it works well for troll control.

I may eventually move here.

November 3, 2007

A Better Plotline

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Inspired by a challenge (I’m a sucker that way) here are a few attempts at a better plot than “fat girl unwittingly elected Homecoming Queen as a joke.”

Plot line for a Disney Channel Teencom

To the consternation of vapid, shallow “popular clique,” fat girl elected Homecoming Queen in a completely above-board fashion. Fat girl makes it okay to be different, and all of the alienated teens who would ordinarily have avoided the dance make it the most awesome-ist dance evah.

Plotline for Disney Channel Movie

Boyfriend of fat girl, who is trying to undue the prior 16 years of emotional damage, nominates girlfriend for Homecoming Queen. Fat girlfriend wins. Girlfriend thinks it’s a joke, wants to break up with boyfriend, but rival “popular girl” who lost to her saves the day by telling her she deserves to win. Girlfriend arrives to the dance just in time to be crowned and dance with her boyfriend in the spotlight.

3 Plotlines for John Waters movies


Fat girl runs for student council president. Evil student council adviser opposes her bid and orders popular kid minions to do evil bidding and run Rove-esque campaign against her. Student newspaper runs 3-part exposé. Evil adviser tries to instate an “ideal weight” requirement as part of student council president. Student body rebels. Fat girl wins. First act in office is supporting anti-size discrimination policy.


Fat girl nominated for Homecoming Queen by best friend as a goof. Unable to withdraw the nomination, fat girl and friends start a “_____ is beautiful” campaign, which takes off like crazy among the student body, and thanks to texting and blogging, across the globe. Buoyed by the “gay is beautiful” “band is beautiful” “shot put is beautiful” “calculus is beautiful” “goth is beautiful” “Español es hermoso” movements (and others), fat girl wins and then smashes her crown, throwing the bits of it into the screaming, dancing mob, saying “this belongs to all of us.” Beth Ditto then performs and the dancing is amazing.


In a particularly evil twist, a popular girl unable to run herself for Homecoming Queen because of multiple suspensions due to hazing her gullible fan/friends, she arranges to have the school’s two largest female students the sole nominees for Homecoming Queen. One of them couldn’t give a flying frig about it and just carries on with her studies, life and adorable boyfriend, while the other seeks out the assistance of evil popular girl, who subjects her to crash dieting and tortuous exercise. While secure fat girl does nothing to promote herself, insecure fat girl does lose some weight and is promoted relentlessly by evil popular girl and company. Secure fat girl is elected Homecoming Queen, and in her Lane Bryant right fit jeans and a killer IGIGI top, accepts the crown, but turns it over to insecure fat girl, telling her she knows it means more to her. Evil popular girl admits to the scheme, and berates insecure fat girl in front of everyone. She is then attacked by the angry mob who rip apart her dress and expose her for the 23-year-0ld unable-to-complete high school because of her serial suspensions that she is.

October 28, 2007

The Place for J to put her algebra problems

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Dear J.,

Please leave any problems you have in the comments to this post, and I’ll reply.

We can see how well this works.

But you could type in the equation, say:

3y+z = am – 4y

and we can solve it together.

You can do this as you come across problems you are having trouble with. We can also use the phone and computer simultaneously from time to time.

But this page is for you! Feel free to post comments that don’t relate to algebra as long as they won’t get either one of us in trouble.

And I’m sorry for being such a corrupting influence on your mom.

October 27, 2007

Coming soon

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Hi, I’m going to be moving to this weblog soon.

In the meantime, visit:


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