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Who are you?

As I learned in my undergraduate Women’s Studies Program (now renamed Feminist Studies), it is important to “locate yourself.”
Here goes:
I’m fat (around 215 pounds, give or take)
I’m short (five feet and about 1/2 inch tall)
My BMI is 42, for what that’s worth.
I’m 38 years old
I grew up Jewish (mostly Reform, have belonged to the Conservative movement and am now a practicing Reconstructionist Jew — Reconstructionism defines Judaism as an evolving civilization).My great-grandparents moved to the U.S. in the early 1900s from Eastern Europe, which means that to most people in the U.S., I am a white person.
I am female, and heterosexual (for better or worse, I think I happened to be born straight).
I have a young child. (Who would rather I use the computer to play this game.)
I grew up in Southern California and survived thinking I would never return. But lo and behold, I moved back there in the early 1990s and stayed for more than 10 years. I now live in the Pacific Northwest, which is beautiful, cool, environmentally excellent and doesn’t have as many Jewish people (or large numbers of people of assorted, varied backgrounds) as I am used to.
Politically, I am a not extremely radical progressive — if only because I know this country is a giant ship to have to steer and I’m wanting to make change on the largest of levels.


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